Definition of venetian blind in US English:

venetian blind


  • A window blind consisting of horizontal slats which can be pivoted to control the amount of light that passes through it.

    • ‘The orange street light spills in through the venetian blinds in a very film-noir way.’
    • ‘The Corsair softly chuckles by venetian blinds, sipping an Oregonian wine, a three quarter profile showing in silhouette.’
    • ‘She laughs more, and snaps shut her venetian blinds.’
    • ‘Back then, he sold custom picture framing, table pads, venetian blinds, window shades and did glass installations.’
    • ‘Beautifully painted red curtains bracket the venetian blinds; there is fruit on the windowsill and a blue-shaded lamp behind the chair.’
    • ‘It's early morning and my eyes feel like venetian blinds and I'm wondering if my ears aren't working too well either.’
    • ‘He was relaxed in his comfortable chair, and now that Mr. Larsin had opened up the venetian blinds, sunlight streamed in and lit up the room.’
    • ‘Morning light streamed through the venetian blinds of the vacuous police office.’
    • ‘Dimmed rooms were hidden behind venetian blinds and enclosed in darkness.’
    • ‘To solve the problem, the designers later added venetian blinds.’
    • ‘The film is a pastiche of screwball and noir, full of fast talk, funny banter, and venetian blind shadows.’
    • ‘A rectangle of white clapboard siding, nearly 10 feet in length, is punctured on the left by a glass window outfitted with venetian blinds.’
    • ‘Designers can choose from four types of coverings: pleated shades, venetian blinds, LightBlock shades, and Heatblock awnings.’
    • ‘Simply install a set of venetian blinds or other adjustable window covering over the skylight opening.’
    • ‘In fact, instead of conventional wings, Smith went for 120 slats like a venetian blind.’
    • ‘I need those really cool thin wood venetian blinds to add the finishing touch to my kitchen so that I can start cooking in the nude again.’
    • ‘Evans produced furniture and venetian blinds for the Philadelphia elite between 1774 and 1814.’
    • ‘Heavy, lined curtains or even just venetian blinds can help insulate windows while you're saving up for the double-pane models.’
    • ‘I can see his point; if the mayor had a euro for every venetian blind that has been sold he could afford to have the city drained.’
    • ‘It is known, however, that wooden venetian blinds were in use in America by the 1760s, the fashion for them having traveled here from London.’
    screen, shade, louvre, awning, canopy, sunshade, curtain, shutter, cover, covering, protection
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venetian blind

/vəˌniʃən ˈblaɪnd/