Definition of Vendemiaire in US English:


(also Vendémiaire)


  • The first month of the French Republican calendar (1793–1805), originally running from September 22 to October 21.

    • ‘The Vendémiaire uprising was therefore much more of a turning-point than the end of the Convention and inauguration of the constitution of the Year III, which took place three weeks later, on 27 October.’
    • ‘This system also had new names for the months - Vendemiaire for September, Fructidor for August - and lasted until Napoleon re-established the Gregorian Calendar in 1806.’
    • ‘Out went the old months - January to December - and in came Vendémiaire, Brumaire, Frimaire, Nivôse, Pluviôse, Ventôse, Germinal, Floréal, Prairial, Messidor, Thermidor and Fructidor.’
    • ‘By the law of 16 Vendemiaire, Year 2 of the Republic it was laid down that the weight of the new currency should be defined in terms of the kilogram (initially one hundredth).’
    • ‘However, the rule was overwhelmingly rejected in some parts of the country and opponents in Paris staged an uprising on 13 Vendémiaire, Year IV.’


French, from Latin vindemia ‘vintage’.