Definition of Velcro in English:


(also velcro)


  • A fastener for clothes or other items, consisting of two strips of thin plastic sheet, one covered with tiny loops and the other with tiny flexible hooks, which adhere when pressed together and can be separated when pulled apart deliberately.

    • ‘You may find yourself going out and buying shoes that have Velcro fastenings instead of laces as the child cannot grasp how to tie their own laces.’
    • ‘Designers also are returning to buttons, which were replaced with zippers and Velcro during minimalist fashion trends.’
    • ‘Modern cloth nappies fasten with poppers or Velcro, need only a 60 degree wash in the machine and are very easy to use.’
    • ‘I can't manage things like zips, so they took the zips out and put Velcro in instead.’
    • ‘These days, string has been set aside in favor of nifty plastic packaging, Velcro, and duct tape.’


  • Fasten, join, or fix with Velcro.

    • ‘My bag was Velcroed across my body and it's horrible to think someone has taken it off me.’
    • ‘A Union Jack is velcroed onto his jacket pocket.’
    • ‘It's like a duffel bag, but with mesh sides, rigid lining, and a washable fleecy blanket velcroed to the bottom.’
    • ‘We raced about with nylon Prada bags Velcroed to us.’
    • ‘I velcroed the machine around my arm, placed the headphones over my ears, picked up my house keys and locked the door, jumped over the porch steps and started to jog.’


1960s: from French velours croché hooked velvet.