Definition of veining in US English:



  • A pattern of lines, streaks, or veins.

    ‘the marble's characteristic surface veining’
    • ‘It's distinguished by the white veins in its leaf and you should plant it on a north facing wall to ensure you don't wipe out its unusual veining with too much sun.’
    • ‘Even the veining on the individual leaves was visible.’
    • ‘The flowers are fiery orange-red on the outside, with a large yellow circle on the inner segments and a slightly darker colour and veining towards a small green throat.’
    • ‘A fully polished marble has a semi-precious allure as the polishing process maximises the colour, pattern and veining of the stone.’
    • ‘Please note that stone varies in colour shade, shell content, texture and veining.’
    • ‘He used foliage or various simple patterns - flowers in a star-shape, daisies, coloured dots or veining - covering every inch of the background, with every little gap being made to tell a story.’
    • ‘Parts of these would be hand coloured to bring out the veining of the leaves and the subtle shading of the petals.’
    • ‘Colocasio has massive leaves, much larger than caladium, but always in green with purple and black veining.’
    • ‘Both the sandstone and andesite show strong quartz and chert veining and carry disseminated pyrite.’
    • ‘Slabs are homogeneous - the rich and varied colours and veining of the marbles and the granular textures of granites run through the body of the material.’
    • ‘The pattern of veining on the adult wing is one of the ultimate outcomes of this patterning activity.’
    • ‘The small mine dumps have produced the locality's most colorful datolites, which are translucent to almost transparent and occur in flesh tones with red speckling and veining.’
    • ‘The subtle veining and white of the stone make the panels look extremely delicate, parchment-like, with an aura of fragility much like stained glass.’
    • ‘Keep your base coat, glaze pattern and veining close in color value for a more realistic effect.’
    • ‘H. americana ‘Pewter Veil’ has pewter purple leaves with charcoal gray veining.’
    • ‘Other impurities that were at different concentrations in the hydrothermal solutions were incorporated in the growth of the nodule and formed bands of varying widths, speckling, and veining.’
    • ‘The brushstrokes can be seen as the subtlest of veining in the surface.’
    • ‘Black Magic colocasia sports its 2-foot leaves in striking shades of dark purple to near black, often with green veining.’
    • ‘His choice of coloured marble lends a striking exoticism, while also being more difficult to carve as the veining is necessarily variable in texture.’
    • ‘The choice of marble colours is extremely wide and the smoothness of the stone, coupled with natural veining, creates an effect no man-made material can ever replicate.’