Definition of vegetativeness in US English:



  • See vegetative

    • ‘After twenty-two months in barrel, the blueberry fruit seems remarkably straight forward, though a bit of vegetativeness creeps in around the edges.’
    • ‘The doctors said that the blood flow to his brain had temporarily stopped causing him to fall into a state of temporary vegetativeness.’
    • ‘The grapes were grown in Monterey County, not the best Cabernet region in the state because of a telltale vegetativeness that frequently distinguishes the varietal when it is grown there.’
    • ‘Like to but don't always get up to much, so at various points it's city exploration, sofa-based vegetativeness, recently I even went hiking in the West Sussex downs - imagine that.’
    • ‘Man is a microcosm, as the neck separates rationality from vitality, so does diaphragm the vitality from the vegetativeness.’