Definition of vegetated in US English:



  • Covered with vegetation or plant life.

    ‘densely vegetated wetlands’
    • ‘Numerous river channels in the great southern delta were diverted again and again creating ever-increasing land masses and vegetated marshes interspersed with myriads of channels, potholes, and shallow lakes.’
    • ‘Accordingly, we may speculate that even the small members of the clade must prefer a habitat near the edge of the vegetated zone, with adequate light.’
    • ‘Under such circumstances their wagons frequently became stuck and they had to cut open new roadways on higher and thicker vegetated ground.’
    • ‘By last Thursday gusty conditions had fanned fires on the top of the ranges into raging walls of flame which raced down gullies and through the heavily vegetated plains along the road to the resort.’
    • ‘Desert dunes shift as winds pick up sand grains and dump them elsewhere, potentially turning vegetated land into desert.’
    • ‘When predators are present, small sunfish forgo achieving high growth rates and reside in safer, vegetated habitats.’
    • ‘Infrequent, sometimes of high intensity, rainstorms in arid and semi-arid areas can generate large volumes of run-off from the poorly vegetated land surfaces that characterize such regions.’
    • ‘Densely vegetated ditches with temporary standing water can be an important habitat for freshwater molluscs.’
    • ‘Breeding birds are found both near the coast and farther inland on sparsely vegetated, dry Arctic tundra.’
    • ‘They live in nearshore coastal waters in vegetated areas, usually over mud or sand.’
    • ‘Inland, a high central plateau drops eastward towards the vegetated dunes of the Kalahari Desert.’
    • ‘Although most of the abundant species were found in several habitat types, species richness and habitat use appeared to be highest for vegetated habitats.’
    • ‘Prior to his investigations, it was unknown whether the oceans and vegetated areas on land would absorb any significant excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere produced by the burning of fossil fuels and other industrial activities.’
    • ‘The species is found more or less continuously throughout the vegetated area included in this study, though not over the bare ground of the Sahara Desert,.’
    • ‘Two rings of islands and reefs lie adjacent to each other, with reefs and coral islands at all stages of growth, from vegetated islands to sand banks to reefs still submerged and growing toward the light.’
    • ‘The island is approximately 54 km long and 1.2 km wide, with vegetated sand dunes along its length and both wide and narrow beaches around its perimeter.’
    • ‘The replacement of vegetated areas with concrete cover in high-density urban areas has a number of environmental drawbacks.’
    • ‘Many people wonder whether a vegetated rooftop will cause water, and possibly dangling roots, to drop through their ceiling.’
    • ‘In tropical vegetated seabird colonies such as Aride, predatory ants may feed on tick eggs and larvae thereby reducing tick levels.’
    • ‘Make sure the manure is stored in a location away from wells and any waterways, and that any runoff is confined or slowly released into a vegetated area.’
    • ‘It can be locally common in clear lakes and impoundments, usually in vegetated areas.’