Definition of vee in US English:



  • 1The letter V.

    1. 1.1 A thing shaped like a V.
      ‘a broken vee of birds points for the marshes’
      • ‘I placed the centre front seam on the fold of the fabric and cut the vee to more of a curve.’
      • ‘However, as the second vee of bombers approached only two F4Fs were in position to attack.’
      • ‘Mary looked confused suddenly, her perfectly sculpted eyebrows forming a vee as she frowned.’
      • ‘Her hand moved down to touch my chest in the vee of my shirt.’
      • ‘I also love off the shoulder tops, or tops with a deep vee or wide neck.’
      • ‘She was dressed in a long flowing gown that did nothing to conceal her charms, its neckline plunging to below her navel in a sharp vee, its long skirt slit up the front of each leg almost to her waist.’
      • ‘When they finally came, it was in their tens of thousands, in vees and columns of up to two hundred birds at a time.’
      • ‘Soon the Libyan Sea lay glistering in the vee of the gorge, and as the sides fell away I came into the village of Komitades.’
      • ‘Sapphire had first seen her standing at the bar, the black halter dress accentuating her form, its back plunging daringly to a sharp vee, ending just below her tail.’