Definition of vealer in US English:



Australian, NZ
  • A calf less than a year old which has been fattened for slaughter.

    ‘vealers were sold at the time when the price received per kilogram was lowest’
    • ‘The table shows monthly statistics of stock slaughtered: cattle, vealers, calves, pigs, and sheep, July 1971-December 1974.’
    • ‘She can't be sold as a vealer.’
    • ‘You were driving too fast, hit a vealer and kept going.’
    • ‘I produced weaners, vealers, steers, fat cows, stud bulls, fine wool and prime lambs.’
    • ‘A 450-kilo heavy vealer steer - more precisely a Limousin cross steer - sold for 251 cents a kilo, or $1,200 in total.’
    • ‘Livestock records in Victoria continue to tumble, with a vealer selling for 239.2 cents a kilo at a trade sale in Pakenham yesterday.’
    • ‘The average price for heavy vealers at the sale ranged from 195 to 220 cents a kilo.’
    • ‘He called him every kind of careless hound, not fit to be in charge of a vealer.’
    • ‘It has been developed as a vealer-fattening property.’
    • ‘He would have been worth £50 as a vealer and £40 as a steer.’


1930s: from veal + -er.