Definition of vCard in US English:



  • Virtual business card, an electronic representation of a business card, usually a file attached to an email in place of a signature.

    • ‘The file in which data is stored and that can be used to interchange information is called vCalendar, just as the electronic business-card format is known as vCard.’
    • ‘The security bug concerns the vCard, or virtual business cards, component of Outlook, which has been found to contain a buffer overflow vulnerability.’
    • ‘The vCard is the standard for electronic business cards, so naturally, we use it as the starting point for creating the hCard format.’
    • ‘This usage model is defined for mobile phones and PDAs for printing text messages, short email messages, business cards (vCards), and other formatted documents.’
    • ‘The employee accepts a vCard that includes a Microsoft Excel document as part of the exchange.’