Definition of vast in English:



  • Of very great extent or quantity; immense.

    ‘a vast plain of buffalo grass’
    • ‘Various remnants of the once vast colonial empires are still controlled by European states.’
    • ‘The car park below is full of imported cars sheltering in the shade of vast satellite dishes.’
    • ‘The sun came out and poured through the stained glass windows down onto the vast expanse of stone floor.’
    • ‘Like the vast majority of parents, they do what they consider to be the best for their children.’
    • ‘By half past eleven the vast expanse of Trafalgar Square was already full.’
    • ‘If you fear that vast amounts of personal information will be accumulated you are absolutely correct!’
    • ‘The pharmaceutical industry spends unimaginably vast sums on research and development - $30.5 billion in 2001.’
    • ‘In the gloom across the vast expanse of sand the distant hills awaited the daylight.’
    • ‘This vast mountainous region is crossed by just two roads which wind their way up to high, windblown passes.’
    • ‘So you have a vast discrepancy between what Ferrari can spend compared to Minardi.’
    • ‘Water in the form of ice has been found in vast quantities just below the surface across large areas of Mars.’
    • ‘They have plenty of money and as a result they consume vast quantities of drink.’
    • ‘Unlike your own tiny island, Canada is a vast expanse covering almost every known climatic type.’
    • ‘All you can see when you get out of the car is this vast flat expanse of grass.’
    • ‘You might think this immensely rich company would be satisfied with its vast profits.’
    • ‘The FBI has suspicions, especially when vast sums of money are transferred from off-shore bank accounts.’
    • ‘Southward the land drops away to a vast plain suitable for livestock and plantation farming.’
    • ‘The show itself is in a huge exhibition centre, and is on a vast scale.’
    • ‘But the truth is, the vast majority of people would simply not behave in this way.’
    • ‘In this day and age, there is no real need to take vast quantities of cash or even traveller's cheques with you.’
    huge, extensive, expansive, broad, wide, boundless, immeasurable, limitless, infinite, enormous, gigantic, very big, very large, great, giant, massive, colossal, mammoth, immense, tremendous, mighty, stupendous, monumental, epic, prodigious, mountainous, monstrous, titanic, towering, elephantine, king-sized, king-size, gargantuan, herculean, brobdingnagian
    substantial, hefty, bulky, weighty, heavy, gross
    mega, monster, whopping, whopping great, thumping, thumping great, humongous, jumbo, hulking, bumper, astronomical, astronomic
    whacking, whacking great, ginormous
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  • An immense space.

    • ‘And up from the vast a murmuring passed As from a wood of pines.’


Late Middle English: from Latin vastus void, immense; compare with waste.