Definition of vasculature in US English:



  • The vascular system of a part of the body and its arrangement.

    ‘diseases affecting the pulmonary vasculature’
    • ‘For example, abnormal development of the vasculature around the trachea may create a vascular ring that impinges on the trachea.’
    • ‘The vitreous cavity was 50% full of gas, and the retinal vasculature was attenuated.’
    • ‘Little is known about the relation between the vasculature at the bronchial epithelial surface and at the center of larger tumors.’
    • ‘The diagnosis of fibrocartilaginous emboli is made by documenting the presence of intervertebral disk material within the spinal cord vasculature.’
    • ‘Because of its enormous surface area, the lung vasculature is particularly sensitive to barrier dysregulation with increases in permeability.’