Definition of vascularize in US English:


(British vascularise)


[with object]Anatomy Biology
  • Provide (a tissue or structure) with vessels, especially blood vessels; make vascular.

    ‘the stem cells can start growing vessels to help vascularize the graft’
    • ‘This structure is actually a highly vascularized extension of the cloaca which allows internal fertilization.’
    • ‘Angiographically, it is a poorly vascularized lesion, deriving its blood supply from the hepatic arterial system.’
    • ‘More recently, vascularized bone graft from the distal radius has been shown to result in accelerated healing.’
    • ‘The skin of birds is composed of an epidermis and a well vascularized dermal layer.’
    • ‘This tissue is richly vascularized and is responsible for a significant portion of the blood supply to the tendon.’