Definition of vascular tissue in English:

vascular tissue


  • The tissue in higher plants that constitutes the vascular system, consisting of phloem and xylem, by which water and nutrients are conducted throughout the plant.

    • ‘Long-distance transport of carbohydrate, the major substrate for plant growth, occurs within the phloem vascular tissue.’
    • ‘This is the strategy taken by vascular plants, which have special vascular tissues to distribute water throughout their system.’
    • ‘More recent examination, however, has shown that the plant does not contain true vascular tissue but has conducting cells more like those found in some mosses.’
    • ‘To pass from the soil solution into root vascular tissues, water has to flow radially across a series of concentric cell layers.’
    • ‘These plants did not have roots or leaves like the plants most common today, and many had no vascular tissue at all.’