Definition of vascular cylinder in US English:

vascular cylinder


  • another term for stele (sense 1)
    • ‘Phloem and xylem cross-sectional areas were calculated from the mean diameters of the vascular cylinder assuming the sections to be circular.’
    • ‘Cross-sections through the mature corm with two developing cormels revealed that the vascular cylinders of the mature corm and developing cormels were directly connected.’
    • ‘A comparison of control and alloxan-treated cells in the vascular cylinder and the pericycle shows that the nucleus and the nucleolus were differentially structured.’
    • ‘Larger vascular cylinders and more effective starch accumulation before and after the drought periods compensated for the reduced water status.’
    • ‘Activity in roots was progressively localized to the vascular cylinder and the root meristem upon growth.’