Definition of variometer in US English:



  • 1A device for indicating an aircraft's rate of climb or descent.

    • ‘Most variometers indicate vertical speed by measuring the flow of air into and out of the container, called a reference chamber.’
    • ‘Gaston, our pilot, checks two gauges - the variometer measures the balloon's rate of ascent or descent.’
    • ‘There are several other kinds of lift, but a paragliding variometer is mostly used for thermal lift.’
    • ‘An instrument known as a variometer helps to show the pilot when the glider is in a thermal, and the pilot circles within it and gains altitude.’
    • ‘Pressure transducers replaced flow sensors in our variometers in 1982 and their reliability and accuracy has been excellent.’
  • 2An inductor whose total inductance can be varied by altering the relative position of two coaxial coils connected in series, or by permeability tuning, and so can be used to tune an electric circuit.

    • ‘CEC makes motor packages for the variometers to provide fine positioning control and position readback.’
    • ‘The litz cable, used throughout the NSS antenna system and in the variometers is made in Germany and consists of over 100,000 insulated copper strands surrounding a hemp core.’
  • 3An instrument for measuring variations in the intensity of the earth's magnetic field.

    • ‘The declination variometer enables us to measure variations in the declination of the Earth magnetic field.’