Definition of varied in English:



  • Incorporating a number of different types or elements; showing variation or variety.

    ‘a long and varied career’
    ‘a little effort to make life pleasant and varied’
    • ‘Blending elements from varied genres - crime thriller, road movie, noir - Fabio Segatori's picture is somewhat of an oddity.’
    • ‘His work was highly varied, but he became best known for his ingenious use of scrap material.’
    • ‘The concert will include a varied programme with music to suit all tastes.’
    • ‘The varied contributions reflect the different concerns of their authors.’
    • ‘The artistic elements are rich and varied, reflecting changing aesthetics as well as technological advances.’
    • ‘Indeed, it is the different styles and varied voices that are the strength of this book.’
    • ‘Frank Delaney has had a long and varied career as a broadcaster and writer.’
    • ‘But the infantryman's chances varied considerably depending on which division he was in.’
    • ‘Michael Bassett has had a rich and varied career, both in politics and history.’
    • ‘He set a very high standard for the many different and varied tasks that he undertook on and for the whole estate.’
    • ‘Contestants come from all over the country, from many and varied backgrounds.’
    • ‘South Africa has a very varied landscape, and it's pretty spectacular.’
    • ‘Many and varied are the causes of homelessness and to try to document them in such a short space would be nigh on impossible.’
    • ‘My career has been very varied and interesting, especially working in different parts of London.’
    • ‘A country no bigger than Wales, it has some of the most varied landscapes and wildlife on Earth.’
    • ‘For the unpretentious, self-effacing actor he was, Joel McCrea had a remarkably varied career.’
    • ‘The use of layered hand-made paper of different quality gives varied texture to the painting.’
    • ‘Make soy just one element of a varied, balanced diet.’
    • ‘Most critically, they eat fewer calories and a more varied overall diet.’
    • ‘In the Territory, we have 200,000 people from different cultures and varied backgrounds and around 26,000 of them live in Alice Springs.’
    • ‘I'm much more interested in a career where you can move anywhere and do lots of varied, different things.’
    • ‘The job is so varied with different things constantly cropping up.’
    • ‘We need an online forum where young men with varied interests and different backgrounds can discuss and learn from each other's lives.’
    diverse, assorted, diversified, differing, miscellaneous, mixed, motley, sundry, jumbled, haphazard, heterogeneous, manifold, wide-ranging, disparate, variegated, multifarious
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