Definition of vapor lock in US English:

vapor lock


  • An interruption in the flow of a liquid through a fuel line or other pipe as a result of vaporization of the liquid.

    • ‘But the Weber family cited the model's record of 294 fuel vapour locks and 66 engine failures, including nine in the air, and claimed a defective fuel pump was to blame for the plane's nearly flat fall from an altitude of about 800 feet.’
    • ‘For example, one summer night, 24 years ago, my brand new car stalled out with vapor lock.’
    • ‘In-tank pumps run cooler and reduce the potential for vapor lock.’
    • ‘The Helio's engines proved temperamental, frequently developing vapor locks on starting.’
    • ‘It will be difficult to pump a gasoline with a high Vapour Pressure without vapour locks resulting at high altitudes or at high temperatures.’


vapor lock

/ˈvāpər läk/