Definition of Vanuatuan in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the Pacific island group of Vanuatu or its people.

    ‘the decision was made at a meeting in the Vanuatuan capital’
    • ‘He signed a diplomatic communique with the former Vanuatuan prime minister to establish official ties last November.’
    • ‘They did not oppose the Australian-led intervention in the Solomons nor withdraw the five Vanuatuan police officers from the force.’
    • ‘Their diplomats have been building contacts with Vanuatuan political heavyweights.’
    • ‘He has given his word to the foreign ministry that the Vanuatuan parliament will support his move.’
    • ‘They were the first of several million ordinary people who would perform the modern version of an ancient Vanuatuan manhood ritual.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the Pacific island group of Vanuatu.

    ‘Vanuatuans shouted with joy when they saw one group had caught the shark’
    • ‘If our guys were Australians, they would at least pay them, but because these workers are Vanuatuans, they think they can get away with it.’
    • ‘Among the military personnel are six Vanuatuans.’
    • ‘The Vanuatuans in their walk are casual and will laughingly tell you about 'Vanuatu time'.’
    • ‘Their side was made up mostly of Fijians and Vanuatuans, and with their lightning speed, they ran circles around the Australian backline.’
    • ‘Settlers, generally unable to contract Fijian labour, preferred to hire Solomon Islanders or Vanuatuans.’