Definition of Vandyke in US English:


(also vandyke)


  • 1A broad lace or linen collar with an edge deeply cut into large points (in imitation of a style frequently depicted in portraits by Sir Anthony Van Dyck), fashionable in the 18th century.

    neckband, choker
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    1. 1.1 Each of a number of large deep-cut points on the border or fringe of a garment or piece of material.
  • 2A neat, pointed beard.

    • ‘His long, flowing locks framed a handsome face, and his neatly trimmed Vandyke beard and mustache were familiar from the image on many coins and from portraits.’
    • ‘He had a mustache and a Vandyke beard, and he often wore a high collar with a plain white bow tie.’
    • ‘He has a gray mustache and one of those tiny Vandyke beards.’
    • ‘His thick mop of hair was pure white, as was his neat little Vandyke beard.’
    • ‘He sports a Vandyke beard and flashes a mischievous grin that gives him the look of a swashbuckler, though he's more adept with a torque wrench than a rapier.’
    • ‘He had short curly black hair and a badly trimmed Vandyke.’
    facial hair, whiskers, stubble, designer stubble, five o'clock shadow, bristles
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  • attributive Denoting a style of garment or decorative design associated with the portraits of Van Dyck.

    ‘a Vandyke handkerchief’
    • ‘Lady Charlotte sat for the artist-wearing a Vandyke dress of white satin.’
    • ‘The Little Lord Fauntleroy consisted of a velvet jacket and matching knickerbockers with contrasting trim and a Vandyke collar and cuffs.’