Definition of vagotomy in US English:


nounPlural vagotomies

  • A surgical operation in which one or more branches of the vagus nerve are cut, typically to reduce the rate of gastric secretion (e.g. in treating peptic ulcers).

    • ‘Apneustic breathing can be experimentally induced in animals by transecting the spinal cord between the pneumotaxic center and the lower brainstem in combination with bilateral vagotomy.’
    • ‘The effects of the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor on the response to histamine were mimicked by vagotomy or selective nerve blockade with tetrodotoxin.’
    • ‘All gastric operations involving vagotomy included the breach of the pylorus, usually by pyloroplasty.’
    • ‘Truncal vagotomy to reduce gastric acid production is the preferred surgical management approach.’
    • ‘The patient underwent an exploratory laparotomy, resection of the gastric mass, pyloroplasty, truncal vagotomy, and cyst duodenostomy.’