Definition of vaccinator in US English:



  • See vaccinate

    • ‘Each round requires vaccinators to get the polio drops into the mouths of 50 million children.’
    • ‘On resuming practice in 1945, he took on the positions of public vaccinator, factory surgeon, police surgeon, and, in 1948, prison doctor at a time when hanging and flogging were punishments that had to be supervised by a doctor.’
    • ‘Using a special needle with two tines (bifurcated needle), the vaccinator withdraws a drop of vaccine and then makes several quick, perpendicular strokes on your upper arm.’
    • ‘Around 1,05,000 vaccinators and supervisors will be involved in administering oral polio drops to children on April 10 and May 15.’
    • ‘From Monday until Friday, approximately 2 600 vaccinators, district and national health supervisors and volunteers in Botswana will be involved in immunising the children - all under five.’