Definition of V-chip in US English:



  • A computer chip installed in a television receiver that can be programmed by the user to block or scramble material containing a special code in its signal indicating that it is deemed violent or sexually explicit.

    • ‘They refuse to use the V-chip that could keep their little kids from watching any channel they choose and they give their kids money to buy the junk that that they profess not to like.’
    • ‘Parents who own a TV set manufactured after January 1, 2000 have a blocking technology called a V-chip that can be programmed to screen out shows with TV ratings they deem inappropriate.’
    • ‘The study also showed that two in five parents report having a V-chip or other monitoring device that blocks objectionable TV programs, but only half of those parents are using the devices.’
    • ‘It is also possible that DVD filtering technology might become mandatory on all players, as the V-chip is on TV sets.’
    • ‘He noted that parents have options such as the V-chip to prevent their little ones accessing illicit material.’