Definition of uvular in US English:



  • 1Phonetics
    (of a sound) articulated with the back of the tongue and the uvula, as r in French and q in Arabic.

    • ‘It originated as the Phoenician symbol qop, which had the value of a voiceless uvular plosive: a k like sound made well back in the mouth.’
    • ‘In some Semitic languages the cognate sound is a voiceless uvular stop.’
    • ‘The most obtrusive feature of northeastern English is the uvular R.’
    • ‘Modern phoneticians would more precisely categorize such consonants into velar, uvular, pharyngeal, and glottal articulations.’
    • ‘The quoted passage included an odd character, one that I've never seen in any other context, which is described as representing ‘a kind of G, a voiced uvular plosive’.’
  • 2Anatomy
    Relating to the uvula.

    • ‘It can be speculated that the disorganization of the elastin fiber network may contribute to the loss of uvular elasticity observed in vitro in patients with OSA.’
    • ‘The authors conclude that patients with obstructive sleep apnea or snoring have structural abnormalities in the boundary between the subepithelium and connective tissue in the uvular mucosa.’
    • ‘This difference was observed both in the proximal and distal uvular sections.’
    • ‘They reported lymphocyte and plasma cell counts in the uvular mucosa of a control population that were half those of the nonapneic snorers in our study.’
    • ‘In the present study, no correlation was found between the presence of immune cells in the uvular mucosa and the AHI.’


  • A uvular consonant.

    • ‘Their proposal presupposes that the members of this set, i.e., laryngeals, pharyngeals, uvulars and velars, should have in common certain physical basis.’
    • ‘For uvular stops you should feel your tongue press against the back of your throat, for other uvulars practice the plosives until you have the position down then let up just a little so there's no actual contact.’
    • ‘It is triggered before non-alveolar voiced consonants and before uvulars.’