Definition of utopic in US English:



  • ‘a utopic vision’
    another term for utopian
    • ‘It's a utopic thing to achieve, though it's a state we may be in for only a few seconds [at a time].’
    • ‘Although the indiginous inhabitants view their society as practically utopic, Tichy views the world as anything but.’
    • ‘Forget any ideas about a perfect system, about an utopic society free of greed and corruption.’
    • ‘His characters reread American history, forced to see it not as a transcendent, utopic myth but as an ideological construct that foreshadows the demise of earlier stories of nationhood.’
    • ‘Is the life presented in this film utopic/mythical?’
    • ‘In principle, these technologies become associated with the utopic optimism of the future.’
    • ‘Butler's vision in the novel is certainly not utopic.’
    • ‘It is a geography that depends upon Romantic constructions of childhood as utopic.’
    • ‘Divided into five sections, Section One examines California from 1900 to 1920 and the utopic myths by which the state is most often identified.’