Definition of utility knife in US English:

utility knife


  • A knife with a small sharp blade, often retractable, designed to cut wood, cardboard, and other materials.

    • ‘Take the utility knife and stick it underneath the board.’
    • ‘With a utility knife, make a series of slices about every two inches.’
    • ‘Either cut out shapes with scissors or place the vinyl on the window and cut out designs with a utility knife.’
    • ‘Trim the excess film with a sharp utility knife or scissors.’
    • ‘We recommend that you make these cuts with a utility knife.’
    • ‘When you get to the end of the wall, trim the last few inches with a sharp utility knife.’
    • ‘If you need a good utility knife check this one out.’
    • ‘He pulled out his utility knife and put it to his right arm.’
    • ‘Get a metal utility knife with retractable, replaceable blades, along with a pack of heavy-duty blades.’
    • ‘Reinsert the vinyl strip and trim it with a utility knife.’
    • ‘Unless you have a table saw the best approach is to use a straightedge to guide a utility knife, and score and break the shingle.’
    • ‘Use small, sharp scissors or a utility knife and cutting mat.’
    • ‘Use a notched blade knife or a utility knife to trim the vinyl.’
    • ‘With a sharp pencil or a utility knife, outline the plate on the door.’
    • ‘Using a utility knife, smooth the inside edges of the hole.’
    • ‘You may find that a utility knife works better than a circular saw to cut through asphalt shingles.’
    • ‘Run a sharp utility knife or single-edge razor blade between the spline and the metal frame to cut off excess screening.’
    • ‘Change the blade in the utility knife often to avoid ripping the paper.’
    • ‘After the caulk dries, trim the excess away with a utility knife.’
    • ‘Score the sheet several times with a cutting knife made specifically for plastics, available inexpensively from your dealer, or with a utility knife.’