Definition of Utahn in US English:


(also Utahan)


Pronunciation /ˈyo͞oˌtä(ə)n/
  • A native or inhabitant of Utah.

    ‘Utahns are used to snow—they practically relish it’
    • ‘Throughout his study, Farmer's writing is entertaining and eloquent, imbued with the passion of a native Utahn.’
    • ‘"If people lose food stamps, the first place they'll show up is emergency food programs, which are already overburdened," says Gina Cornia, executive director of Utahns Against Hunger.’
    • ‘The success of TRAX has awakened many Utahns to the value and convenience of mass transit.’
    • ‘Four other Utahans, all from Maple Mountain, made the junior world team, marking an unprecedented presence for Utah on the international scene.’
    • ‘The members of the Utah delegation, however, aren't on the list of sponsors even though it's in our backyard and polls show that a clear majority of Utahns want more wilderness, not less.’
    • ‘The Manuscript/Multimedia Divisions hold approximately 2,000 manuscript and 1,800 photograph and audio/visual collections emphasizing Utah and Utahns.’
    • ‘I'm a Utahan too.’
    • ‘The first part deals with the construction and improvement of roads in the region, and the difficulty (if not impossibility) of opening the area to tourists without changing the lifestyle of rural Utahns along with the place they lived.’
    • ‘Recent polls show more than 85 percent of Utahns are opposed to importing the hotter wastes.’
    • ‘That message, Hatch said, resonates with Iowans who, like Utahns, are conservative, religious and family-oriented.’
    • ‘Matheson is a sixth-generation Utahn, though he received his B.A. in Government from Harvard University and his MBA from UCLA.’
    • ‘The millions of education dollars lost when we moved to the flat tax has proved disastrous, and Utahans clearly support doing whatever it takes to address education needs.’


Pronunciation /ˈyo͞oˌtô(ə)n/
  • Relating to or characteristic of Utah or its inhabitants.

    ‘this movie deals with uniquely Utahn themes’
    • ‘The entire Utahn culture is being devastated by this totally irresponsible policy.’
    • ‘It hit me then that a honey bee was perfect—it’s a symbol of my home state and Utahn heritage, my love of nature, and overcoming my biggest fear (I also happen to be highly allergic to their stings).’
    • ‘The Utah consumer debt fund came under investigation when it failed to send out client payments, used by about 1400 troubled Utahn consumers.’
    • ‘While all of these ideas are teeming with originality and flair, two very important qualities in a baby name, we couldn't help but think that what our work in progress needed was something more Utahn.’
    • ‘His Utahn friend told him he would love Utah, and he agreed once he visited.’