Definition of usually in English:



  • Under normal conditions; generally.

    ‘he usually arrives home about one o'clock’
    • ‘It is well known that the average life of a local protest group is usually just a couple of years.’
    • ‘It has urged the government do more to encourage women into jobs usually taken up by men.’
    • ‘The fête was held for the first time on a Saturday, usually it is held on a Friday evening.’
    • ‘Bear in mind that most white wines are high in acid, while reds are usually high in tannin.’
    • ‘Fleas are a fairly common problem and they are usually brought into the house by pets.’
    normally, generally, habitually, customarily, standardly, routinely, regularly, typically, ordinarily, commonly, conventionally, traditionally, historically
    as a rule, as a general rule, in general, in the general run of things, by and large, more often than not, almost always, in the main, mainly, mostly, for the most part, most of the time, on the whole
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