Definition of user-friendliness in US English:



  • See user-friendly

    • ‘These findings also have implications for further research investigating what types of information students access and the effectiveness and user-friendliness of current websites.’
    • ‘While user-friendliness, strong graphics and easy navigation of applications are important, relationships between payphone service and content providers will be the key towards profitability.’
    • ‘While USB Flash drives are increasingly popular thanks to their user-friendliness at a bottom-line street price of $70 to $110 per GB, they aren't exactly cheap.’
    • ‘I enjoy the user-friendliness of banking online, so it's a rare day that I visit a bank branch - other than to withdraw cash or make a deposit using an automated teller machine.’
    • ‘In terms of information provision, Finnish environmental organizations rate very high on the degree and user-friendliness of data offered.’



/ˈˌyo͞ozər ˈfren(d)lēnis/