Definition of user-definable in US English:



  • Having a function or meaning that can be specified and varied by a user.

    • ‘It combines drafting tools with user-definable data integration capabilities.’
    • ‘To make use of this additional information stored in user-definable parameters, the definition of productions needs to be changed as well.’
    • ‘The software has context-sensitive on-line help and electronic documentation, and it manages a library of up to 99 user-definable setups on the host computer.’
    • ‘All such parameters are user-definable in the modeling software of this company, and the search can cover both smaller and larger values.’
    • ‘There's no current search engine available that bases its search on a user-definable list of domains.’
    • ‘A full-featured imaging system will have user-definable template fields.’
    • ‘This logbook is like the professional logbook for pilots with all the entries you'll need, plus two user-definable fields.’
    • ‘Musical sounds and voices are stored and reproduced with user-definable timing and pitch, with the timing and pitch being independently controllable in real time.’
    • ‘Report generation is made effortless with a powerful, built-in report generator with pre-scanned and user-definable reports.’
    • ‘The on-demand scanner lets users run custom or recommended spyware scans of fixed and removable disks, USBs and other storage devices, and is updated automatically at user-definable intervals.’