Definition of use something up in US English:

use something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Consume or expend the whole of something.

    ‘the money was soon used up’
    • ‘Sprinkle the dressing, fried garlic, chilli and mint over the top until all the ingredients have been used up.’
    • ‘If you send those countries commodities and other consumable items, they will be used up.’
    • ‘Developed nations in particular will have to face up to the reality that oil and gas supplies will be used up in another 70 years from now, he added.’
    • ‘It's not time consuming, it uses up valuable milk products that might otherwise go to waste.’
    • ‘They left sums of money for prayers until the money was used up, or transferred property to ensure that the prayers went on for ever.’
    • ‘It turned out that they had spent days and nights at Internet cafes, one after the other until their money was used up.’
    • ‘How much more of the nation's economic and intellectual resources will be used up before the problem of traffic speed is solved?’
    • ‘These patterns were popular partly as they used up small amounts of wool.’
    • ‘Once the money was used up, the treatments at the bottom of the list would no longer be available.’
    • ‘They are using up savings to supply food to their displaced ex-workers.’
    consume, get through, go through, exhaust, deplete, expend, spend, waste, fritter away, squander, dissipate
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    1. 1.1 Find a purpose for something that is left over.
      ‘I might use up all my odd scraps of wool to make a scarf’
    2. 1.2be used upinformal (of a person) be worn out, especially with overwork.
      ‘she was tired and used up’