Definition of usage in US English:



  • 1The action of using something or the fact of being used.

    ‘a survey of water usage’
    ‘the usage of equipment’
    • ‘The proposal conveniently ignored that fact that the usage of crop protection products falls year by year in this country anyway.’
    • ‘San Diego saw a nice decrease in power usage because they raised the price to consumers.’
    • ‘The high level of car usage and the fact the number of large trucks has never been greater also acts as a disincentive to switch to pedal power.’
    • ‘Many companies also monitor their employees' Internet usage and email communications.’
    • ‘There are an average of two or three fires in the city a day, resulting in a high usage of the equipment.’
    • ‘A probing, in-depth survey has found that consumer Internet usage is rising.’
    • ‘This resulted in reduced water usage and a significant increase in recycling.’
    • ‘The judging criteria is based on drawing techniques, usage of color and standard of work.’
    • ‘The battery life will last roughly for 12 hours under standard usage of the mouse.’
    • ‘He employed a technique, which he said had a long history of usage by the medical profession and which was dealt with in many texts.’
    • ‘It has doubled its oil usage over the last decade and now consumes 30% of the world's oil.’
    • ‘Marketing campaigns would increase rail usage and all rail should be accessible to the disabled.’
    • ‘It establishes a process specifically to determine, and then to allocate, water usage.’
    • ‘Finally, there must be a charge on sewage and water based on usage.’
    • ‘Although fresh water is ample, guests are reminded to be wary of their water usage.’
    • ‘Surveys were taken of energy usage in the school and saving energy tips were produced.’
    • ‘He also proposed discounts for people who cut their water usage by 50 percent or more.’
    • ‘Also, the region is an immense source of oil and underground water that has yet to be tapped for usage.’
    • ‘A usage log within the practice computers recorded when the guidelines were used and by whom.’
    • ‘The recent tourism season aggravated the problem because of the huge influx of people and increased water usage.’
    utilization, use, employment, consumption, operation, manipulation, running, handling
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    1. 1.1 The way in which a word or phrase is normally and correctly used.
      • ‘In general usage, it is a word associated with emphasis, significance, tension, and strain.’
      • ‘For example, a lot of the words that we would today classify as racial slurs were in common usage in polite society as recently as thirty years ago.’
      • ‘Essentially the same usage occurs in both Japanese and Korean.’
      • ‘It is thus crucial to interrogate the nuances behind the unconscious and conscious usage of words.’
      • ‘The word in classical usage describes a small café serving traditional French cooking.’
      • ‘In everyday, non-technical usage the words have much the same meaning.’
      • ‘We don't in general need to appeal to previous usage to know what a phrase means.’
      • ‘Like ‘lame’, there are a lot of words in regular usage that have questionable origins.’
      • ‘Perhaps a shorter pronunciation will become standard usage in the future.’
      • ‘Soon I shall be doing a quick survey of some examples of actual live usage of the word.’
      • ‘This usage of the word ‘primitive’ is now much less common and no longer has derogatory implications.’
      • ‘The most curious usage, because it seems to have spread furthest from its origins, whatever they are, is snail.’
      • ‘In a case like this, the facts of linguistic history and current usage don't really matter.’
      • ‘As discussed here previously, we use the term hacker in the common usage of the word.’
      • ‘In the end, the people who write textbooks will probably tip the scales in favor of one usage or another.’
      • ‘It was to record facts, and the fact that usage differs for reasons to be found in the history of language.’
      • ‘I'd never heard of the journal before but it's chock full of goodness for those with an interest in word usage and origins.’
      • ‘The usage of contemporary words made for an easy understanding of the essence of the original work by all.’
      • ‘This is not surprising, as there has been a shift in usage this century and older style books give different advice from newer ones.’
      • ‘Pater Noster was not a phrase exclusive to Christian usage, it was a known term.’
      phraseology, phrasing, diction, parlance, idiom, choice of words, terminology
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    2. 1.2 Habitual or customary practice, especially as creating a right, obligation, or standard.
      • ‘I rather mean all the problems of custom and usage, for only by following them unrestricted succession is possible.’
      • ‘It is impossible to give any precise or universal formula, but it may broadly be said that a useful test is perhaps what is reasonable according to the ordinary usages of mankind living in society, or more correctly in a particular society.’
      • ‘What this bill does is to recognise the customary rights and usages of Maori - as we should do.’
      • ‘This rule does not apply if it can be established that a custom or usage is applicable to each permitting marriage between the two.’
      • ‘There are many employments the remuneration of which is, by trade usage, invariably fixed on a commission basis.’
      • ‘The town's acquisition of jurisdictions from its lords would have been a sufficient motivation to compile a written set of customary usages of the town.’
      • ‘In fact, Bowen's wife plays a key role in securing his acceptance, ‘being a well-educated woman, versed in the usages of polite society’.’
      • ‘He manifests his more permanent ideas in laws and customs and social usages; but in dealing with the events of the passing hour, he must employ interpreters.’
      • ‘It would be my gym for my training, where I would practice my weapons usage and martial arts.’
      • ‘Was there a custom or usage of the ports in Chile that cargo could be delivered without presentation of a bill of landing?’
      • ‘The issue was not to be prejudged: it would hinge on the legal rights to the land in dispute, as set out in charter or exercised in practice or usage.’
      • ‘Thus we speak of the customs prevailing in a society - usages, manners and convictions that we observe.’
      • ‘Customary rights are usage rights, granting the right to do a specific thing in a specific place.’
      • ‘He upheld customary usages and institutions in Goa, reduced anti-Hindu discrimination, promoted education and tolerance, and abolished the colour bar.’
      • ‘The Board shall make its decision with regard to the custom and usage of the insurance and reinsurance business.’
      • ‘Its composition, its time of meeting, its powers, are all regulated by convention and usage, not by law.’
      • ‘It was not suggested that usage and custom in this context were other than synonymous.’
      • ‘Once a specific customary usage right is recognised, it is simply registered on the local plan.’
      • ‘The information must be judged in the light of the usage and practices of the industry involved.’
      • ‘In any event, the practices and usages of war which gradually ripened into recognized customs with which belligerents were bound to comply, recognized the crimes specified herein as crimes subject to punishment.’
      custom, practice, habit, tradition, convention, routine, rule, rite, ritual, observance, ordinance, ceremony, ceremonial
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Middle English (in the sense ‘customary practice’): from Old French, from us ‘a use’ (see use).