Definition of urinalysis in US English:



  • Analysis of urine by physical, chemical, and microscopical means to test for the presence of disease, drugs, etc.

    • ‘Diagnostic evaluation should begin with urinalysis, urine microscopy, cytology and culture, and cystoscopy.’
    • ‘This article reviews the correct method for performing urinalysis and the differential diagnosis for several abnormal results.’
    • ‘The book does not include illustrations of microscopic findings, even for common tests such as complete blood cell counts and urinalysis.’
    • ‘In addition, for obvious reasons, we limited this outcome measure to individuals who received urinalysis testing.’
    • ‘These tests may include blood tests, urinalysis and imaging studies, such as ultrasounds or angiography.’
    • ‘If no focus is found and a child appears well, no tests other than urinalysis are routinely indicated, and antibiotics should not be given.’
    • ‘Her complete blood count and urinalysis were within normal limits, and a urine pregnancy test was negative.’
    • ‘A history, physical examination, and urinalysis can identify, or at least suggest, these conditions.’
    • ‘The Army's random and targeted urinalysis drug testing program is designed to deter members from involvement in illicit drugs.’
    • ‘As more and more segments of society have instituted random drug testing via urinalysis, you had to know that someone would develop a way to cheat on the test.’
    • ‘In most patients, however, urinalysis can help to determine the presence of infection and confirm a suspected diagnosis.’
    • ‘Physical examinations, blood count, urinalysis and baseline lipid values were obtained for all volunteers.’
    • ‘The evaluation of nocturnal enuresis requires a thorough history, a complete physical examination, and urinalysis.’
    • ‘Not only is this a waste, but if you happen to get a blood test or urinalysis when consuming creatinine, your doctor may think you have kidney problems.’
    • ‘The results of routine blood tests and urinalysis were within normal limits.’
    • ‘The results of liver function tests and urinalysis were normal.’
    • ‘Additional motivation for sobriety came from Sam's probation officer who demanded frequent urinalysis to test for drug use.’
    • ‘All patients with chronic kidney disease should undergo urinalysis and renal imaging as part of the diagnostic evaluation.’
    • ‘Complete blood count and urinalysis should be monitored routinely throughout treatment.’
    • ‘The urine was analyzed by dipstick testing, urinalysis, and urine culture.’