Definition of uric acid in English:

uric acid


  • An almost insoluble compound which is a breakdown product of nitrogenous metabolism. It is the main excretory product in birds, reptiles, and insects.

    • ‘One of the main functions of the kidneys is the removal from the body of waste products such as urea, uric acid, and creatinine.’
    • ‘Birds lack a bladder, and they excrete uric acid in the form of solid white crystals, rather than urea in a water solution.’
    • ‘In addition, uric acid, cholesterol and several mineral and vitamin concentrations were also evaluated.’
    • ‘The chief constituent of these wastes is urea, though ammonia, uric acid, creatinine, and a host of other waste products also are present.’
    • ‘Some causes of impaired excretion of uric acid are also known.’
    • ‘Compared with rats fed a control diet, those on the high-fructose diet experienced a rise in uric acid in the bloodstream and developed insulin resistance.’
    • ‘Since then, I am supposed to be on a low protein, low uric acid, low oxalate diet.’
    • ‘The increase in uric acid and urea, but not albumin, suggested that air pollution induced only a mild inflammatory reaction in urban, but not suburban, children.’
    • ‘It also showed that milk proteins increase the excretion or uric acid in the urine.’
    • ‘The article mentions that liver should not be had on a regular basis by those who are prone to gout because it is an excretory organ and high in uric acid.’
    • ‘This is a metabolic disorder whereby excess uric acid in the blood gets deposited in joints.’
    • ‘Urate in blood plasma is a precursor of these uric acid crystals.’
    • ‘Although gout is associated in many people's minds with too much port and red meat, the commonest cause is a fault in the kidneys which results in a build-up of the waste product uric acid.’
    • ‘In a variety of birds, blood plasma uric acid concentrations were correlated with protein oxidation measured by excreted nitrogen.’
    • ‘Continue to stay away from alcohol and coffee, because they accelerate the breakdown of protein into uric acid.’
    • ‘Additionally, there is an elevation in blood glucose and uric acid production.’
    • ‘The waste products of protein metabolism are urea and to a lesser extent uric acid and creatinine.’
    • ‘In healthy birds, uric acid is excreted by the kidneys and is seen as the white material in their droppings.’
    • ‘Patients receiving the two-drug regimen also had a complete blood count and measurement of uric acid and creatinine levels after one month of treatment.’
    • ‘Excess protein can help form uric acid, which can contribute to gout, and since it is stored as fat, it can contribute to obesity, heart diseases and other conditions.’


Early 19th century: uric from French urique, from urine (see urine).


uric acid

/ˌyo͝orik ˈasəd//ˌjʊrɪk ˈæsəd/