Definition of urgent in US English:



  • 1(of a state or situation) requiring immediate action or attention.

    ‘the situation is far more urgent than politicians are admitting’
    • ‘Scott says that the reasons which were mooted two years ago for the merger remain the same today, only now they're more urgent.’
    • ‘The question of professional refereeing is an urgent issue that needs immediate attention.’
    • ‘They have worked in dreadful conditions for years and this is a very urgent situation.’
    • ‘Mr. Wright concluded that there was nothing urgent requiring immediate attention.’
    • ‘Building an independent, rank and file network across the unions becomes all the more urgent in this situation.’
    • ‘This is an urgent debate, and we have to start looking at fundamental flaws in the system.’
    • ‘These are the urgent issues that need attention, with special reference also to gender.’
    • ‘If the situation seemed urgent, the receptionist would notify the police or emergency centre.’
    • ‘Fundamental changes are urgent if we are to avoid the collision our present course will bring about.’
    • ‘With half of India set to live in cities by 2020, he says the need to engage urban voters is urgent.’
    • ‘Our challenges in health care and nursing continue to be more immediate and urgent.’
    • ‘The approach of the Himalayan winter is making a desperate situation even more urgent.’
    • ‘The challenge is to balance the planned work on my caseload with the urgent matters that need attention.’
    • ‘The pressure for change is urgent, however, and only politics can span the gap.’
    • ‘The meeting is urgent because the 56 days that members have to oppose plans are up on April 30.’
    • ‘It is urgent that immediate action is taken to protect the graves.’
    • ‘Now, with the arrival of the East London Line extension set for 2010, it feels change is more urgent than ever.’
    • ‘The Commissioner said the changes were urgent and had to be made now, not in four years time.’
    • ‘There is an urgent debate to be had: how does counter-consumerism maintain the rage?’
    • ‘Further attacks remain a real possibility, so action to protect our citizens is urgent.’
    acute, grave, pressing, dire, desperate, critical, crucial, sore, serious, intense, crying, burning, compelling, drastic, extreme
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    1. 1.1 (of action or an event) done or arranged in response to a pressing or critical situation.
      ‘she needs urgent treatment’
      • ‘We have the shoppers and the school cars and urgent additional parking is required.’
      • ‘Police are warning anyone who drinks it and feels ill to seek urgent medical attention.’
      • ‘School finances in the city are in a critical state and require urgent action to put them right, a new report says.’
      • ‘There were not enough of us to make the originally planned expedition viable, and an urgent alternative was required.’
      • ‘After reading the report in the local press, I feel the matter requires urgent clarification.’
      • ‘We also subsidise veterinary fees for the people of Bolton and districts that require urgent help and have done so for many years.’
      • ‘That would be appropriate if a particular threat required urgent measures.’
      • ‘More than half of cancer patients requiring an urgent referral are having to wait longer than two months.’
      • ‘There are a large number of schools in other parts of the country and in my own constituency which require urgent work.’
      • ‘Any symptoms that affect your mental health require urgent medical attention.’
      • ‘Patients requiring urgent care were treated within days and prioritised patients within six weeks.’
      • ‘The authorities must pay urgent attention to the growing statistics of homeless families.’
      • ‘The temples require urgent restoration by skilled craftsmen who work on heritage structures.’
      • ‘Such matters require urgent national and international publicity and review.’
      • ‘These houses now require urgent investment and refurbishment before they can be allocated.’
      • ‘This is an omission in the statute which requires urgent attention.’
      • ‘This issue requires urgent attention from researchers, regulatory bodies, and the public.’
      • ‘The child required urgent medical attention but did not develop long term adverse effects.’
      • ‘The action at Heathrow requires an urgent answer and immediate steps to ensure that this happens.’
      • ‘I don't think I have anything to do that has an urgent deadline or immediately requires my attention.’
      emergency, high-priority, top-priority, important, vital, crucial
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    2. 1.2 (of a person or their manner) earnest and persistent in response to a pressing situation.
      ‘an urgent whisper’
      • ‘He was urgent, almost angry, in his passion and the whole thing left me feeling unfulfilled.’
      • ‘The tone of your letter can be folksy and conversational or urgent and earnest.’
      insistent, persistent, determined, resolute, tenacious, obstinate, dogged, pressing, unrelenting
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Late 15th century: from Old French, from Latin urgent- ‘pressing, driving’, from the verb urgere (see urge).