Definition of urban forest in US English:

urban forest


  • A densely wooded area located in a city.

    • ‘Residents on a Hounslow estate are being invited to plant a tree to help start an urban forest and improve their local area.’
    • ‘But increasing populations and rampant development are rapidly squeezing out urban forests.’
    • ‘It's very important to restore the habitat, and increase the overall benefits of the urban forest on site.’
    • ‘So his widow, Betty Brown Casey, thought it a fitting tribute to donate $50 million to restore the city's urban forest to the grandeur he loved.’
    • ‘I was particularly curious to see how Sweden, a socialistic country plans and protects its urban forests and how Swedish attitudes, policies, planning, and design differ from ours.’
    • ‘The city's urban forest currently stores an estimated 8.8 million tons of carbon and sequesters nearly 68.785 lb per year.’
    • ‘The urban forests of California are not customarily thought of as a renewable resource.’
    • ‘Without a sufficient urban forest to work for cities, ecosystem services will dwindle.’
    • ‘By 1900, municipalities managed urban forests to maximize their benefits and minimize costs.’
    • ‘What they planted, though, grew up to be an urban forest of species imported from the East and nurtured by watering.’
    • ‘Even if the committee is successful, however, Calgary's urban forest is likely to look a lot different in the coming years.’
    • ‘All that blue in the upper part of the picture is actually foliage, and demonstrates clearly that, seen from space, the city is indeed an urban forest.’
    • ‘The city's urban forest plan, part of its sustainable development policy, is multi-phased.’
    • ‘Together with our partners we have helped dozens of cities and towns learn about the unique and precious value of their urban forests.’
    • ‘Washington is like other cities we've studied that are losing their urban forests at an alarming rate.’
    • ‘And from a local policy perspective, ‘It's important that we graphically illustrate the scope and value of the urban forest resources.’’
    • ‘Advocates of parks and urban forests point to several benefits of adding verdure, including enhanced tourism, better health, higher property values, natural habitat preservation and improved air and water quality.’
    • ‘That in itself is a tough job considering the disparate groups that have collected data on the urban forest over the years.’
    • ‘With that growth, however, has come an alarming loss in its urban forest.’
    • ‘From this research it is apparent that urban forests are indicators of the environmental quality of a community and that they provide measurable benefits, in particular: reducing stormwater flow and improving water quality.’