Definition of upweight in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Give increased importance, rank or weighting to.

    ‘some advertisers upweighted TV, while others upweighted press’
    • ‘Those who miss a midterm and have beforehand obtained permission will have their final grades calculated by proportionately upweighting all the other components of the grade.’
    • ‘‘Although we did include this type of media right from the start, we have upweighted it since all the attention,’ says marketing manager Gidon Novick.’
    • ‘The benefits of a successful tackle upweights the consequences of an unsuccessful tackle.’
    • ‘This has the effect of upweighting the scores of features that occur in few categories and downweighting the scores of features that occur in many categories’
    • ‘You can also upweight bids to target by age, gender, location and time and day of search.’
    • ‘Online provides advertisers with an important opportunity to upweight campaign coverage outside the prime times for traditional media.’
  • 2Finance
    Increase the proportion of (an asset or asset class) in a portfolio or fund.

    ‘an opportunity to upweight equities where feasible within your risk profile’
    • ‘Today Sable & Shuck announced plans to increase its acquisitions dramatically by upweighting marketing activity in the summer of 2004.’
    • ‘However, upweighting is slow, possibly because it may be maladaptive to upweight quickly to any change in sensory conditions.’