Definition of upswept in US English:



  • 1Curved, sloping, or directed upward.

    ‘an upswept mustache’
    • ‘Its looks are extremely striking, with the large stylised S in the grille and upswept headlights dominating the front.’
    • ‘The upswept blade design gives a graceful belly to the cutting edge, ideal for slicing.’
    • ‘With a scarred face, glass eye (the pupil of his left eye in the shape of a U.S. Eagle), upswept moustache, slicked down hair, a top hat and that wicked smile, Day-Lewis is memorable.’
    • ‘At the back, the concept features an upswept window balanced by two-piece tail lamps extending on to the tailgate.’
    • ‘The Kagemusha fixed blade appears to be a highly utilitarian knife with its upswept blade and slightly curved handle for user comfort.’
    • ‘The early sun winked off the brass balls they carried on the tips of their long, upswept horns.’
    • ‘Architects will be looking for surfacing which suits the town square feel, and the boulevard of upswept maple trees planned for the east side of the High Street.’
    1. 1.1 (of the hair) brushed or held upward and off the face.
      ‘an elegant upswept style’
      • ‘Most women prefer the traditional styles of long upswept hair for adults and long braids for girls.’
      • ‘Also striking was a realistic portrait from around 1970 of a woman with upswept hair seated in an ornate chair and another more painterly portrait of a faceless male figure against a background of abstract gestures.’
      • ‘After her first cigarette, she would disappear into the cloak room, and about an hour later emerge perfectly made up with shining lipstick and coiled hair upswept, ready to face the day.’
      • ‘Mrs Tully was a lovely woman, as they all seemed to be in Ardfern, with dark upswept hair and the beginnings of laughter lines.’
      • ‘With trendy boots, black attire and upswept hair Nicole Walton fits the image of make-up artist for the stars.’
      • ‘Her chin was held high and her golden tresses were upswept except for a few tendrils that had escaped her hair-pins.’
      • ‘Lucrezia twirled, letting the peacock feathers that were skewered through her brown, upswept hair hit our noses.’
      • ‘Hair is definitely going to new heights for the holidays with a trend towards upswept hairstyles reminiscent of the 1950's.’
      • ‘I brushed Sarah's hair and once I was finished, secured her hair upswept with curls.’
      • ‘Her upswept hair let free a few curls that gently touched her cheeks, like the way he had touched her… so softly, so delicately.’