Definition of upswell in US English:



  • An increase or upsurge.

    • ‘It's so impressive to watch an upswell like that and see that it really can still have an impact in this way.’
    • ‘It would be nice to keep it open and if we find there's an upswell of interest in doing so we will put our shoulders to the wall.’
    • ‘Compared to the complexity of the coral reef, or Antarctic waters in their December bloom, or the nutrient rich currents that upswell along the coasts of Peru or southern Africa, the open ocean may seem like a desert.’
    • ‘It's not that the journalism profession has seen an upswell in employment.’
    • ‘An upswell of interest carried the skateboard through the 70s with Southern Californian skateboarders draining swimming pools and carving turns and somersaults off the edge of pools.’