Definition of upsweep in US English:



[no object]
  • 1Be arranged in an upswept fashion.

    • ‘The leaves are glossy and green, covering the trunk from the ground up and the branches are upsweeping.’
    1. 1.1with object Sweep upward.
      • ‘There are attractive upsweeping crooked trunks with small white flowers and small deep green leaves.’
      • ‘It is a very attractive, narrow evergreen with upsweeping branches and drooping branchlets.’
      • ‘Laird and a member of his staff were outside with a customer's car, when sudden, heavy rain and harsh winds upsweeping dirt caused them to push the car inside the garage.’
      • ‘With this view I tried to capture the sense of being surrounded by upsweeping rocks that tilt up to the sky, while somehow providing just enough soil and water to nurture an occasional bush or tree.’
      • ‘The cows tend to be tall, angular and very feminine at maturity with upsweeping horns that acquire a lyre shaped twist with age.’


  • 1An upward rise or sweep.

    ‘the gentle upsweep of the city wall’
    • ‘Our Flow Tiara features an upsweeping design that is covered with medium round-cut rhinestones.’
    • ‘There is less elbow extension on the upsweep, and the hands exit nearer the waist than the hips.’
    • ‘Always apply in an upsweeping motion towards the forehead.’
    • ‘A slight upsweep on the front blade edge adds a windswept-tanto feel to the blade and - no doubt - a bit more piercing power.’
    • ‘It is not necessary for a swimmer to try to stroke in ‘S’ patterns or to think to move in downsweeps, outsweeps, insweeps and upsweeps.’
    • ‘On sunny days, Ke'e is a lovely crescent of tawny sand crouched below an upsweeping ridge line.’
    1. 1.1 A marked rise in activity.
      ‘catching the market at the start of its upsweep’
  • 2An upswept hairdo.

    • ‘She ran one hand over the surface of her hair, suggesting more allure with a stylized upsweep.’
    • ‘The tiny curls that fell from the upsweep fell perfectly to graze her shoulders.’
    • ‘To enhance the look, Scurry gave her what he terms good-looking undone hair by braiding the locks back into a fishtail-style upsweep from nape to crown, with a few loose locks softly framing her face.’
    • ‘A clean upsweep in a tight bun can be a very powerful statement.’
    • ‘Now this friend was arranging Helen's hair in an intricate, graceful upsweep, with ribbons to match the dress.’
    • ‘She still looked radiant, despite her hair which was coming out of her upsweep, and her face, which was red and covered with sweat.’
    • ‘She leapt out of bed, pulled her hair up into a casual upsweep, applied her red lipstick then jumped into her cream satin tea dress.’
    • ‘The outlandish upsweep from the night before was disheveled, but still in tact as the pins still held the abundance of brunette locks together in certain places.’
    • ‘With her black hair in an upsweep, her Valentine-face in full makeup, her wide-shouldered rayon dress, and her high-heeled shoes, my mother looked as glamorous as the women in the ads of the department stores she'd be visiting.’
    • ‘Her hair was pulled up in an elegant upsweep, with wispy blond strands falling out of the chignon to frame her face which had hardly any make.’