Definition of upstate in English:


adverb & adjective

  • Of, in, or to the northern part of a state, especially when regarded as remote from the state's large cities.

    as adjective ‘the Watermans bought 27 acres in upstate Vermont’
    • ‘I'm heading inland, upstate, out of town and off the radar.’
    • ‘How did I go through adolescence in upstate New York and miss this?’
    • ‘The city's intransigence has hardened already hard upstate opposition.’
    • ‘Kingdom Hospital, located in upstate Maine, has a rather redolent past.’
    • ‘Because most prisons are built upstate, many families have difficulty making the long trips.’
    • ‘Apparently there was a problem with the lease on his late parents' house and he had to head upstate for the weekend.’
    • ‘I am upstate and the lack of light pollution makes the eclipse a sight to behold.’
    • ‘Someday, they want to move upstate, buy a house, maybe even have kids.’
    • ‘When I retire in a few years, I think that I will move to Wyoming, Montana or even to upstate Idaho.’
    • ‘She agrees and, along with her husband, travels upstate to the secluded, wooded oasis.’
    • ‘Here he was, on Christmas Eve with Eva's family in a large mansion in upstate Massachusetts.’
    • ‘In the coming months, Alex's job will very likely relocate upstate, a four-hour drive from here.’
    • ‘You see, I'm moving from upstate to somewhere down in the southern half for next year.’
    • ‘At six years old, I was adopted by a childless immigrant couple living in upstate New York, a Irish stone mason-carpenter and his wife.’
    • ‘Eventually he began taking them on trips to the Jersey shore and to an orphanage upstate.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter so much in New York City, but upstate it's a problem.’
    • ‘On the way upstate to his honoring ceremony, Harry drops in to visit his sister, and they immediately begin arguing.’
    • ‘The network spans southern upstate New York, Long Island, northern New Jersey and Connecticut.’
    • ‘He had gotten into one law school upstate, and was waiting to hear from the west coast.’
    • ‘His mom was standing over the sink, probably washing dishes, and was talking about something that had to do with a college upstate.’


  • 1An upstate area.

    ‘visiting farmers from upstate’
    • ‘But almost immediately thereafter we stashed our luggage here in the city and moved to the mountains in upstate.’
    • ‘She'd had two children and was apparently very prosperous, having married an orthodontist from upstate.’
    • ‘If you actually look at the area of South Carolina where she is doing a little bit better than him, it's up in the upstate.’
    • ‘I want to congratulate him on winning 70 percent of the vote here in the upstate of South Carolina.’
    • ‘And then there were the brothers from upstate someplace.’
    • ‘It's a beach party a bunch of kids from upstate are having.’
    • ‘I had no idea where we were at the time, but we were definitely in the upstate.’
    1. 1.1also Upstate In New York, parts of the state north of New York City, thought of as distinct culturally and politically.
      ‘Concord table grapes from upstate’
      as modifier ‘the small community college in upstate New York’
      • ‘When he was nine years old, he helped his father build a summer vacation home in upstate New York, putting in walls, rafters, and siding.’
      • ‘Their offices have been shut down and they now have to relocate many miles away - in New Jersey, in upstate New York or in Connecticut.’
      • ‘I love snow, more so than I did when I lived in upstate New York and had to deal with that pesky car business.’
      • ‘If I was having trouble salvaging drowned onions that year, the Upstate onion growers surely would be sharing my problem - and they were.’
      • ‘‘I was raised on a farm in upstate New York,’ he explains from his home in San Francisco.’
      • ‘If he didn't like them, he wouldn't be wearing an Upstate t-shirt.’
      • ‘The snow we've had here isn't much by, say, the standards of upstate New York.’
      • ‘Stories like this make me proud to be from upstate New York.’
      • ‘Also, before bike racing, I had never gotten off the East coast or lived anywhere but upstate NY.’
      • ‘We left Seattle and moved to upstate New York, where I come from.’
      • ‘I am originally from Waterloo, a small town in upstate New York.’
      • ‘Breton is an Upstate village, mid-road between Buffalo and Rochester, where the total cultural amenities are a bar, a motel and a diner.’
      • ‘In civilian life, he's a machine operator in upstate New York.’
      • ‘He has asked commentator Andy Rooney, who is on his traditional July vacation in upstate New York, to weigh in, too.’
      • ‘My trip to America took me to a Humour Conference in Upstate New York, in Saratoga Springs to be exact.’