Definition of upper school in US English:

upper school


  • 1A secondary school for children aged from about fourteen upward, generally following on from a middle school.

    • ‘This will prepare these Mid Bedfordshire upper schools well for the future, with adequate capacity and excellent, well-maintained facilities.’
    • ‘A display of early daffodil blooms has appeared just inside the main entrance to the upper school in Orchard Road.’
    • ‘Ms Haynes, a former pupil of Harwich High School, lives in the college catchment area and her two children are students there in the upper school and in the sixth form.’
    • ‘Lolly Hand, head of the upper school at Pace, says if they had credible evidence and reason to believe a student had a weapon they'd call the student, as it is policy for students to be present to face accusations.’
    • ‘It has grown from 20 teenagers, who were chosen from the district's four upper schools, in the first year, to 60 recipients chosen from 12 schools in Keighley, Bradford and Huddersfield.’
    • ‘Bedfordshire County Council operates a three-tier education system, with lower, middle and upper schools.’
    • ‘If we raise money from selling off shops in Bingley to use on upper schools or special schools, then that seems a sensible use of our capital.’
    • ‘There are already children in the mainstream who find it difficult to cope with the huge numbers in upper schools and ironically some of them are transferred to smaller schools like Braithwaite Special School.’
    • ‘There are two further primary schools in the neighbourhood, not forgetting two upper schools at Westgate Hill.’
    • ‘The upper school at Coleview is closing and pupils there will be transferred to the main school's Queen's Drive site, which is undergoing a £17 million development.’
    • ‘Oakbank and Cullingworth's Parkside upper schools told students to stay away, while Holy Family School was running as normal with reduced attendance.’
    • ‘To that extent, it will be a political decision that will involve looking at matters such as buildings, costs and the potential longer term viability of upper schools that only cater for 14-19 year olds.’
    • ‘And, let's face it, to the parents of young children, most upper schools appear a terrifying prospect.’
    • ‘Children at the upper school at East Kennett found a small pipistrelle bat clinging low on the wall on a rainy day in April.’
    • ‘As part of the scheme he will be working closely with upper schools across the district helping to develop competitions for junior schools culminating with a ‘Festival’ at Cougar Park.’
    • ‘Having visited many mainstream and special upper schools in Bradford, Haycliffe shone out as being the only school which could meet our son's needs.’
    • ‘Mr Moran said he was looking forward to his first visit to Gunjur and to helping distribute the uniforms to the African village's primary and upper schools as well as meeting the pupils themselves.’
    • ‘Today, she regularly visits other Montessori middle and upper schools across North America and around the world, observing and consulting.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I write to inform you that Mrs Hillier, previously headteacher of the upper school, will not be returning to St John's School.’’
    • ‘Today head teachers' leader Gareth Dawkins, convenor of the Bradford upper school heads, defended people working in ‘difficult’ inner-city schools.’
    1. 1.1 The section of a school that comprises or caters to the older students.
      • ‘Today, the children's writer and illustrator, Mike Dickinson, from Bradford on Avon, will be spending the day working with the children at both the lower and upper schools.’
      • ‘Kershaw, head of the upper school at Easingwold School, has been appointed as the Rugby League's referees' representative in France for the forthcoming World Cup.’
      • ‘The bulk of the teaching accommodation in the lower school was not damaged and the entire upper school escaped the fire altogether.’
      • ‘The year nine students will provide a mediation service for the lower school, with the year 12 and 13 students helping out students in the upper school.’
      • ‘The middle school is on the same campus as the upper school but we used separate buildings.’
      • ‘The upper school was closed by the headteacher yesterday morning after about 400 pupils staged a protest outside school.’
      • ‘From 1984 to 1990, Gross served as head of the upper school at Friends Select School in Philadelphia.’
      • ‘Half of the pupils at the upper school will spend the day at Lockeridge with the infants' classes.’
      • ‘The bread and soup only applied to the upper school, with the lower school going without snacks.’
      • ‘All boys in the upper school - who have been offered the choice of lacrosse or rugby - will have the opportunity to continue with the sport.’
      • ‘To fund the building of a new single site school on the upper school site in Orchard Road, St John's needs to raise more than £20 million.’
      • ‘Upon graduation many, but not all, students are accepted to continue their studies in the upper school.’
      • ‘The headmaster for some unknown reason made the whole upper school do an arithmetic paper, the same for all forms.’
      • ‘To be perfectly frank with you, I was gutted when it moved its upper school to around the corner to my old school 12 months after I left.’
      • ‘The school is currently split on two sites, with the lower half of the school based in Queens Drive and the upper school in Nythe Road.’
      • ‘Around 400 Year 9 to Year 13 pupils from the upper school building spilled into the town centre to oppose war as police were called to try to dispel the crowds.’
      • ‘The school is being consolidated onto its upper school site on Green Lane, in Dronfield, near Chesterfield, as part of a £6m scheme.’


upper school

/ˈəpər sko͞ol//ˈəpər skul/