Definition of upper chamber in US English:

upper chamber


  • another term for upper house
    • ‘With the support of the political establishment, he was appointed President of the upper chamber in 1933.’
    • ‘It is to be submitted to the Bundesrat (the upper chamber of the federal parliament) July 14 for consideration as an alternative to the ‘Green Card’.’
    • ‘The upper chamber of parliament was more supportive.’
    • ‘Williams, described yesterday as one of the most brilliant legal minds at Westminster, was a former lawyer who was heavily involved in the debate to reform the upper chamber of Parliament which came to a head last week.’
    • ‘Elections of the first 200 members of the upper chamber were completed in August following five months of polls.’
    • ‘After going through the committee stage in the upper chamber, it was expected to receive third and final reading there on June 15.’
    • ‘The members of the upper chamber, the Senate, are elected by a majority system.’
    • ‘Alberta continues to push - most recently by electing candidates for the senate - to reform the upper chamber of Parliament.’
    • ‘The revised constitution made the Senate a proper upper chamber, gave parliament the power to initiate laws, and made ministers answerable to it.’
    • ‘Within fifteen minutes, the upper chamber, the Council of the Republic, also approved the bill, according to information from deputies.’
    • ‘In his first year in office he had them removed from their seats in the Federation Council - the upper chamber of the Russian parliament.’
    • ‘The British Parliament had its House of Lords as the upper chamber and the House of Commons as the lower chamber.’
    • ‘Senator James Jeffords of Vermont announced Thursday he was quitting the Republican Party and aligning himself with the Democrats in the upper chamber of the US Congress.’
    • ‘A bill to amend the immigration control and refugee recognition law for kinder treatment of refugees and asylum seekers has been sent to the Lower House after passing the upper chamber.’
    • ‘The summoning of parliaments, with a separate upper chamber, made it necessary to establish which lords were entitled to attend and began the process of separating lords of Parliament from the rest of the aristocracy.’
    • ‘There are more than a few people in high places who stand to win or lose many millions, or even billions of dollars, depending on which party controls the upper chamber of the federal legislature.’
    • ‘With the upper chamber now evenly divided between the two major parties, each side will enter the fight in full battle array.’


upper chamber

/ˈəpər ˈtʃeɪmbər/