Definition of upmarket in US English:



  • Relatively expensive and designed to appeal to affluent consumers.

    ‘an upmarket ski resort’
    ‘upmarket boutiques’
    • ‘Baqueira is an upmarket Pyrenean ski resort frequented by the Spanish royal family.’
    • ‘The multi-million pound investment would come by attracting upmarket shops, housing and tourism to the town.’
    • ‘Price rises in upmarket areas have been spectacular, as well-heeled buyers chase a short supply of properties.’
    • ‘The atmosphere is upmarket smart casual; the maitre d' wore a jacket and an open collar shirt.’
    • ‘This was no ordinary place; it was an upmarket historic inn and its chef clearly knew his stuff.’
    • ‘It was so upmarket that we could only afford a room between us, with one double bed.’
    • ‘The downtown is dominated by modern skyscrapers and upmarket shopping malls.’
    • ‘They were forced to move out of their home in the upmarket Morningside area of Edinburgh.’
    • ‘A few upmarket hotels and resorts can be found here and there are two national parks as well as the usual array of stunning bays and beaches.’
    • ‘Marshall and Snelgove was one of the biggest names in upmarket retailing from the 1860s to the 1970s.’
    • ‘Hundreds of people attended the glitzy fashion show at the upmarket Kensington Roof Gardens nightclub.’
    • ‘This optimistic move comes at a time when other hotels in the upmarket sector have been suffering losses.’
    • ‘They will also visit some of the city's trendy stores and hotels, to find out more about the upmarket section of the service industry.’
    • ‘It's not posh nosh, just slightly more upmarket pub grub, so anyone after a real culinary experience should perhaps steer clear.’
    • ‘We need some sort of upmarket supermarket in the town to attract people here.’
    smart, stylish, fancy, high-class, fashionable, chic, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, exclusive, select, sumptuous, opulent, lavish, grand, rich, elegant, ornate, ostentatious, showy
    upper-class, aristocratic, home counties
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  • Towards the more expensive or affluent sector of the market.

    ‘the pub seems to have forgotten its local community in a quest to go upmarket’
    • ‘We already have a lot of interest from park owners, eager to upgrade their stock and go more upmarket.’
    • ‘We want to revamp the brand and take it upmarket.’
    • ‘The used-car business in the city has just gone upmarket.’
    • ‘He fulfilled a long-held ambition to take the company upmarket.’
    • ‘The Philippines has long been known as a low-cost furniture producer, but a new generation of designers has plans to take the industry upmarket’
    • ‘The majority of buyers are people with families and generally they are moving upmarket.’
    • ‘It was 1995 and many Irish retailers were moving upmarket.’
    • ‘Contrary to tradition, there are claims that festivals are going upmarket this year.’
    • ‘Burke has moved the store upmarket, made it more customer-friendly, and increased the focus on high-quality toys for adults.’
    • ‘The company's ambitious push to drive the brand upmarket risks hurting its existing premium marque.’
    • ‘You don't have to go upmarket to spend a lot of money, because eating out is pretty expensive.’