Definition of uplight in US English:


(also uplighter)


  • A light placed or designed to throw illumination upward.

    • ‘In my defence, I thought the bulbs came with the light fittings, and being uplighters, it was impossible to spot they were lacking the essentials.’
    • ‘We were looking for a fabulous gold shimmer reflection from all the candles and uplighters that we plan to use during the dinner parties that we'd like to have.’
    • ‘Other features of the scheme include new on-street parking bays, new and updated benches, bins and bollards and new trees with uplighters.’
    • ‘This type of lighting can be supplied by table or floor lamps, uplights, downlights, spotlights and hanging lights.’
    • ‘Each apartment has gas-fired central heating, a full range of integrated appliances, low voltage downlights and uplighters and hardwood doors.’
    • ‘Where can I buy small, pretty uplighters or wall lights?’
    • ‘Two uplights mounted under the trough cast a dancing pattern on the ceiling at night.’
    • ‘Richard also had certain visions, such as having uplighters up the staircase; I'm still looking for the right fittings to get that look.’
    • ‘Masham Parish Council wanted to add uplighters to the stone bridge over the River Ure at a cost of about £4,500, but the scheme is strongly opposed by North Yorkshire County Council whose officials say it would be illegal.’
    • ‘The plans also include repaving the area and installing uplighters to illuminate the memorials and St Mary Magdalen Church.’
    • ‘Here, Brown used uplights for balance, placing them beneath plants in the corners.’
    • ‘Ambient light is the gentle indirect light bounced off ceilings and walls, from such fixtures as cove lights or masked uplights.’
    • ‘All of the units are finished to a high standard, from beech kitchen countertops to uplighters on the terrace and balcony.’
    • ‘Most of the trees to be planted on the boulevard will also have uplighters to help make the area brighter at night.’