Definition of uplift in US English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /ˌəpˈlɪft//ˌəpˈlift/
  • 1be upliftedLift (something) up; raise.

    ‘her uplifted face’
    • ‘That the mining operations have uplifted the standard of living of the people in that region is not an overstatement.’
    • ‘What forces are responsible for the great height to which rock has been uplifted at this site?’
    • ‘Thousands of singers wore multi-colored robes and held uplifted stalks of cotton.’
    • ‘I've seen the footage countless times, yet it is not the whole four minutes from start to finish which are seared on to my memory, but the single image of Coe's contorted face and uplifted arms as he crosses the finishing line.’
    • ‘Dust is uplifted by wind, the circulation is most obvious from easterly or northerly directions.’
    • ‘Tectonic forces uplifted the sandstone in which Petra was carved, and those same forces created the deep, flattened depression, immediately to the west, known as the Dead Sea valley.’
    • ‘We also believe that when children are uplifted, the families from whom those children have been uplifted should be supported and encouraged to become a safe place to which those children can be returned, where possible.’
    • ‘The figure has two uplifted arms, and each of the oversized hands forms an exaggerated circular grip which looks as if it once held a massive or curved object, perhaps an elephant tusk or a jade cong, an item of ritual ceremonial importance.’
    • ‘Seated at the table, Jose uplifted his head from the newspaper to see River's sister staring at him with an interrogating glare in her eyes.’
    • ‘‘We need not hide,’ said Cadona, her head still proudly uplifted.’
    boost, raise, buoy up, elevate, edify, inspire, lift, give a lift to, cheer up, perk up, enliven, brighten up, lighten, ginger up, gladden, encourage, stimulate, arouse, revive, restore
    raised, elevated, hoisted, upraised, upthrust, reared, hitched up, held high, erect, proud
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    1. 1.1be uplifted (of an island, mountain, etc.) be created by an upward movement of the earth's surface.
      • ‘When the continents were uplifted at the end of the Flood, the incredible energy of the retreating floodwaters carved the landscape.’
      • ‘The ocean floor solidified, and was eventually uplifted to become part of a mountain.’
      • ‘Some 26 million years ago, a geologic fault uplifted the reef.’
  • 2often as adjective upliftedElevate or stimulate (someone) morally or spiritually.

    ‘people leave my shows feeling uplifted’
    • ‘When we are loving and strong in our relationships, we recognize that we have the power to make choices that will uplift us rather than bring us down.’
    • ‘I think he was a president that uplifted the office.’
    • ‘Witnessing or being around inspiring people can uplift you, but being kind yourself has its own benefits as well.’
    • ‘The news that he had been awarded the OBE in the New Year's Honours List was considerably more predictable than the result at the De Vere Belfry, which uplifted the nation and led to the biggest boom in the sport for generations.’
    • ‘Music can uplift you, sadden you, put you in the mood for romance, pump you up, or calm you down.’
    • ‘He revised and uplifted our spirits at a time that was so, so very essential for the future of America.’
    • ‘If you've benefitted the poor, and uplifted them, why, then you're moving the whole country in the right direction.’
    • ‘The people went home, uplifted by what the priest said.’
    • ‘Renowned for her compassionate nature, her many works have inspired and uplifted thousands of people over the years and one of her greatest friends was Beatrix Potter.’
    • ‘To be what they were: great discoverers who benefitted all humanity after them, great artists who uplifted all humanity after them.’
    • ‘Nature may uplift us, but it also serves to detach us from the social world.’
    • ‘Guru Hargobind uplifted their spirits with daily prayers and distributed much of his rations to them.’
    • ‘But if you do make the effort, it will uplift you.’
    • ‘How they have calmed my mind and uplifted my soul!’
    • ‘Their spirits are uplifted as much by the concert on Saturday night as by the sermon on Sunday morning.’
    • ‘This combination uplifted the spirits of every soul lucky enough to be allowed inside.’
    • ‘We want people to be uplifted and walk away with a big smile on their face and in their hearts.’
    • ‘It's freezing out, so it's not like you can poke your head outside and feel uplifted by all the warmth and sunshine.’
    • ‘Her nationally praised seminars, articles, books have uplifted thousands of lives.’
    • ‘Once I got past Bull Bay, the vistas of the azure seas uplifted my spirit.’
    inspiring, stirring, moving, touching, affecting, warming, cheering, cheerful, gladdening, encouraging
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Pronunciation /ˈəpˌlift//ˈəpˌlɪft/
  • 1An act of raising something.

    • ‘You have to sell to demonstrate actual uplifts.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Businesses should be aware that all this may represent a significant uplift in their costs.’’
    • ‘We are a Non-Governmental Organization working for the uplift of urban wildlife and environment.’
    • ‘We have seen dramatic uplifts in sales as more and more customers buy into local produce, which is great news for Welsh farmers.’
    • ‘Established in 1990, it has been working for the uplift of the poor and deprived cane and bamboo artisans from Barak Valley situated in the southern part of Assam.’
    • ‘The company, which makes butter, believes the merger should boost earnings, though any uplift will perhaps not be expected until the end of the financial year.’
    • ‘We expect a significant uplift in profitability from 2005 onwards.’
    • ‘After all, journalists and pundits frequently tell us, investments from abroad are key to the uplift of poor nations, especially in this era of economic globalization.’
    • ‘Like the national football team we are showing an uplift in international rankings, but are still somewhere short of World Cup finals qualification.’
    • ‘The sixth annual summer camp for the underprivileged children organised by an NGO that works for the uplift of street children is a heart-warming affair indeed!’
    • ‘The one organisation working for the uplift of these women is Guria Sewi Sansthan, run by a ‘man with a very big heart’.’
    • ‘Describing tourism as a priceless asset, Councillor Kay said: ‘It has given the city a tremendous uplift in the past 10 years.’’
    • ‘Pig producers are also benefiting from a general uplift in European prices and we had almost 300 pigs on the two days this week to average just short of 90p/kg.’
    • ‘We were discussing the current uplift in the markets and how sustainable it may prove to be.’
    • ‘If we could get out 50% more [oil] than is currently planned there would be an uplift for the economy.’
    • ‘But while we might not be seeing a qualitative uplift to economic growth, today's economy has changed in many ways, compared to most of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘He said the government had targeted all its policies for the uplift of the weaker sections and poor farmers and was taking concrete steps to generate employment opportunities.’
    • ‘Then there was an obituary reference made by the Speaker and Prime Minister about Kishore Sanu, a freedom fighter who worked for the uplift of poor.’
    • ‘These have recorded an average uplift in sales of 12.5 per cent.’
    • ‘Investors will be looking for evidence that the company can show a significant uplift in profits following a weak performance in the second half of last year.’
    1. 1.1Geology An upward movement of part of the earth's surface.
      • ‘The uplift and subsequent erosion of the Black Hills are responsible for the accessibility of South Dakota's abundant and diverse mineral locations.’
      • ‘For example, for more than ten years before the 1964 earthquake near Nigata, Japan, there was an anomalous uplift of the earth crust.’
    2. 1.2often as modifier Support, especially for a woman's bust, from a garment.
      ‘an uplift bra’
      • ‘The bra plays a clever double game: cleavage uplift to satisfy men, without making a woman feel like an obvious sex object.’
      • ‘At the age of 25, she had created MJM, the company that produced the first gel-filled uplift bra.’
  • 2A morally or spiritually elevating influence.

    ‘their love will prove an enormous uplift’
    • ‘Mr. Turner and Mr. Hetherington were honoured ministers of the Methodist Church, strengthening the hands of all who were working for the uplift of all who would hear and listen.’
    • ‘A trip to Malvern is always an uplift; even if you don't actually go anywhere, life there is laid back when compared with this speedy metropolis even now that we have moved out right to the edge of the city.’