Definition of upholstery in US English:



  • 1Soft, padded textile covering that is fixed to furniture such as armchairs and sofas.

    • ‘Once inside the sitting area with its leather upholstery and fancy artwork simply there for show, we waited for our mother.’
    • ‘They are now used to make items as diverse as garden furniture and car upholstery.’
    • ‘Call the cleaners and they will take care of the carpets, curtains, drapes, furniture, upholstery and put a beautiful Spring gloss to your home.’
    • ‘Each of the two new cinemas contain wonderful stadium seating with soft upholstery and armrest cup holders.’
    • ‘Swivel chairs were also available in bentwood, reed, and wood with leather upholstery.’
    • ‘Walnut timber floor and panelling are contrasted with the aubergine panelling of the limestone bar, and the furniture upholstery is a calming blue.’
    • ‘As well as providing a top class upholstery service they also supply sofas, couches, arm chairs and suites made to the customer specifications.’
    • ‘His parents attempted a smile and continued to regard the upholstery of the sofa.’
    • ‘Even the leather upholstery, though a little cracked and faded with age, had been oiled and seemed to glow.’
    • ‘For a chic design with a contemporary edge, Monty favors sophisticated fabrics and tailored upholstery in leather and linen.’
    • ‘The black paint was peeling along the running boards, and the soft grey upholstery looked shabby and faded.’
    • ‘Those savings can be applied to new features (adding more leather upholstery, say).’
    • ‘The test car came with optional cream leather upholstery, which, although attractive, reflected badly off the window.’
    • ‘Elizabeth Bland, who runs furniture and upholstery shop Homemaker, said she would not be interested in the scheme.’
    • ‘Now it is looking to extend its factory, expand into the leisure upholstery and salon furniture markets, and improve its productivity.’
    • ‘Even the soft warm leather upholstery and steady movement of the vehicle didn't succeed in lulling the girl to sleep.’
    • ‘Trimmed in pink ribbon, the sitting room's yellow sofa echoes the upholstery style of the bedroom's chaise longue.’
    • ‘I laughed and gently eased myself onto the leather upholstery.’
    • ‘But the furniture, upholstery and accessories of his own company, Linley, would hardly fit that description.’
    • ‘I love the couch in the living room, with its thick down cushions and velvet upholstery.’
    padding, wadding, lining, filling, quilting, cushioning, packing, filler
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    1. 1.1 The art or practice of fitting padded coverings to chairs or sofas.
      • ‘One very innovative course taken on by Forward Steps is an upholstery course, which had a terrific practical element for the centre.’
      • ‘But ten years ago he went back to painting and decorating and developed the French polishing and upholstery business from that.’
      • ‘Linking with the waterways theme were stalls of canal boat art and decoration, boat upholstery, knot tying and information about the British Waterways.’
      • ‘He noted that among the areas involved were arts and crafts, woodwork, upholstery, photography and so on.’
      • ‘Anyone interested in classes in Woodwork, Pottery or upholstery are advised to get in touch with the organization as soon as possible.’