Definition of upfield in US English:



  • 1(in sport) in or to a position nearer to the opponents' end of a field.

    ‘he kicks the ball upfield’
    • ‘The ball also generally bounces upfield, away from the end zone.’
    • ‘All are quick and athletic, which should enable them to get upfield and make plays.’
    • ‘He is a superb tackler of the ball, and is not afraid to roam upfield to cross the ball.’
    • ‘Stephen King and Michael Munds had worked the ball upfield into the path of O'Neill, who made the inspired choice to venture forward.’
    • ‘WR Kevin Dyson has been far more aggressive this season in heading upfield with the ball.’
    • ‘Leigh Semblauk's speed was making a difference in getting the ball upfield and to a striker quickly.’
    • ‘Keaton needs to be more assertive to get the ball upfield quickly.’
    • ‘You catch the ball and try to get upfield as fast as you can.’
    • ‘They snatch the ball out of the air and accelerate upfield.’
    • ‘Once again the rules allow the goalkeeper to ‘carry’ the ball inside his own penalty area and many do, right to the edge before kicking it upfield.’
  • 2Physics
    In a direction corresponding to increasing field strength.