Definition of upcountry in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • In or toward the interior of a country; inland.

    as adverb ‘she comes from somewhere upcountry’
    as adjective ‘a little upcountry town’
    • ‘Benjamin Franklin Perry, from the upcountry district of Greenville, was among the few unionists to dissent publicly and support the Compromise of 1850.’
    • ‘In what must have been music to the ears of the tourism managers here, a couple of leading upcountry magazines were lavish in their praise for the State's tourism initiatives.’
    • ‘Some of us are happy that upcountry columnists at least take note of what is happening or not in our corner of the country.’
    • ‘Miles, who had been involved in discussions with upcountry motor manufacturers to use the expanded port facilities here for the import and export of vehicles and components, said that there were many pluses for the city.’
    • ‘Though the wildlife is not as prolific as in the upcountry game parks, the beautiful rainforest and the spectacular Sheldrick Falls make it worth a visit.’
    • ‘But upcountry, it can be a struggle just getting a computer into a classroom - and then it is shared by many pupils.’
    • ‘David Kennedy, the top operations manager of B-Quik Service (car service centers) announced his company is planning to set up new car service centers to cover areas upcountry.’
    • ‘A few years ago an upcountry winner of only £20 won £200 in the lottery.’
    • ‘She gained her teaching diploma in two years and worked as a teacher upcountry until she was 19.’
    • ‘One thing we coastal dwellers have that upcountry folk don't, is our beaches.’
    • ‘We call it upcountry marketing, paying attention to customers even in places away from the main urban centres.’
    • ‘Crowded malls are filled with visitors from upcountry who fill up the aisles talking to folk they last ran into a year ago.’
    • ‘The seasonal shopping spree is fuelled by the bonus paid by upcountry firms during this period.’
    • ‘When he was fourteen, his dad had moved the family upcountry with his new job.’
    • ‘Theodore Roosevelt received 20 percent of Alabama's presidential vote and ran especially well in the upcountry.’
    • ‘Staying self-catering in upcountry Alentejo, you soon pick up the laid-back lifestyle.’
    • ‘The couple spent two months travelling upcountry and they were inspired to visit a small Isaan hamlet called Ban Reng Khai, because that was where their foster daughters Rasamee and Ruam were born.’
    • ‘Taylor said that people from upcountry and inland were not used to seeing ships, especially not one so close to the shore.’
    • ‘The actor disclosed to an upcountry TV channel the other day that he would rather prefer to be adjudged as a versatile artiste than a mere comedian.’
    • ‘She wants him to go upcountry to meet her parents (they live near Laos on the border).’
    inland, inshore, upcountry, non-coastal, inner, innermost, central
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