Definition of upbuild in US English:



[with object]literary
  • Construct or develop (something)

    ‘she gave money to the Church for the upbuilding of God's kingdom’
    • ‘Having said all of that we wish to repeat that our chief concern is the spiritual upbuilding of the parish and community so that our young people will inherit a good Christian society and the gift of the faith.’
    • ‘It is through that upbuilding of the neighbor that we see the reign of God coming near, just as John proclaimed.’
    • ‘The ministry exists to help upbuild members in their faith so that they can evangelise, instruct others and fulfil their vocation of prayer.’
    • ‘Many had visions, but most always interpreted them not for themselves, but to upbuild Christian community and bring hope in times of plague, famine, and ecclesiastical turmoil and to offer wisdom for the changes and chances of this life.’
    • ‘I want to live, to grow old with my wife, work with my brothers in the ministry for the extension of the kingdom, upbuilding of the Lord's people and for his glory.’