Definition of up to the mark in US English:

up to the mark


  • 1Of the required standard.

    • ‘So, yes, the DVD content is well worth your attention, but is Artisan's presentation up to the mark?’
    • ‘If quality was not up to the mark, it was taken away.’
    • ‘However, with mediapersons carrying video and digital cameras, the quality of transmission was not up to the mark.’
    • ‘It provides full wireless connectivity, easy synchronization with other wireless devices, high performance, up to the mark video and audio quality.’
    • ‘Even so, the TV audio quality was not up to the mark.’
    • ‘About half the Irish food businesses applying for a hygiene excellence scheme are not up to the mark.’
    • ‘Good firms tend to have demanding customers, which stands to reason: picky customers keep you up to the mark by requiring value for money and telling you if you don't give it.’
    • ‘Inadequacy in bowling was another, the side's batting was not up to the mark and the team did not possess a quality all-rounder either.’
    • ‘Quality of the recording was not up to the mark as well.’
    • ‘He held several senior positions at the infirmary, notably chairman of a committee which makes sure clinical standards are up to the mark.’
    good enough, up to scratch, up to standard, up to par, satisfactory, acceptable, adequate, passable, sufficient, competent, all right
    required standard, standard, norm, par, level, criterion, gauge, yardstick, rule, measure, scale
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    1. 1.1usually with negative (of a person) as healthy or in as good spirits as usual.
      ‘Johnny's not feeling up to the mark at the moment’